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Dates for Trust House 2024 Teams Series


Race One: Sunday 29th September 2024
Race One: Alfredton Circuit - Alfredton
Distance: 68km and 102km

Race 2 – Sunday 13th October 2024

Race Two: Te Horo Circuit - Kapiti
Distances: 60km and 81km

Race 3 - Sunday 27th October 2024  

Rangitumau - Mauriceville - Rangitumau.

Distances: 93m and 65km

Race Four: Sunday 10 November 2024
Carrington circuit - Carterton

Distances: 104km and 78km

Race Five: Sunday 24 November 2024
Race Five: Masterton – Bideford - Dreyers Rock – Masterton
Distances: 84km all grades

At the Trust House Teams Series, we believe that every rider deserves the opportunity to participate in races that align with their abilities and provide a safe and enjoyable experience. With this in mind, we have carefully designed circuits and distances that cater to a range of racing standards.

We are confident that these circuits and distances have been tailored to fit perfectly with the racing abilities of our participants. Our aim is to ensure that riders can compete on courses that are suitable for their skill level, enabling them to showcase their talents and enjoy the thrill of racing.

Our priority is to provide a level playing field where all riders can give their best performance without feeling overwhelmed by distances that are too long or courses that are excessively hilly. By offering circuits that are suitable for each grade, we aim to create an environment that promotes exciting and aggressive racing across all categories.

We encourage all riders to join us at the event and experience the joy of racing on safe and suitable circuits. We believe that this approach will foster an atmosphere of healthy competition and enhance the overall racing experience for all participants.

Let's come together, push our limits, and enjoy the exhilaration of racing in a supportive and inclusive environment.


Contact Us

Race Director: Jorge Sandoval
Mobile: 0274 464300
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.