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Race Four

Sunday 10 November 2024

Carrington circuit - Carterton

Race 3 – Sunday 29th October 2023 -Carterton 


Distance Category Two;              104 km (4 laps)

Category Three and Four;            78 km (3 laps) 

Registration at Dalefield School – Dalefield and Thomas Roads Carterton

Start/finish:  Dalefield Road, Carterton 

Start Times:                                     Finish Times (approximate)

10.00am       Category Two                      1.15pm

10.05am       Category Three                   1.30pm

10.10am       Category Four                     12.30pm 

Race route

0.0km            Start Thomas Rd

1.0 km           Turn slight right onto Brooklyn Road

1.4 km           Turn left onto Mannings Road

2.7 km           Turn left onto Belvedere Road

2.9 km           Turn slight right onto Cobden Road – Arrow

5.5 km           Keep Left onto Cobden Road

8.1km            One line bridge

11.0 km         Turn right onto Mangatarere Valley Road

12.1 km         Turn right onto Haringa Road

16.8 km         Turn left onto Cobden Road

18.6 km         Turn slight left onto Belvedere Road

20.6 km         Turn right onto Lincoln Road

23.5 km         Turn right onto Dalefield Road

25.8km          Turn right onto Thomas Road

26.5 km         End lap One

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    Contact Us

    Race Director: Jorge Sandoval
    Mobile: 0274 464300
    E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.