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Race Five

Sunday 24 November 2024

Masterton – Dreyers Rock – Bidiford - Masterton (New circuit)

All grades; 84km

Signing on / presentations at The Colin Pugh Sportsground - Blair St - Masterton

Start / Finish Times (approximate)
Start Times: Finish Times (approximate)
10.15 am Category Two 12.25pm
10.30 am Category Three 12.45pm
10.40am Category Four 12.55pm


0 km Route Start Head north on Te Ore Ore Bideford Rd
8.1 km Turn left onto Whangaehu Valley Rd
10.0 km Head north towards Dreyers Rock Rd
27.0 km U Turn – Dreyers Rock Rd
45.5 km Turn left onto Te Ore Ore-Bideford Rd
63.2 km U-Turn – Heah South towards the finish
81.2km Turn LEFT onto Settlement Road (new finish)

84.0 kmFinish

Route profile


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    Race Director: Jorge Sandoval
    Mobile: 0274 464300
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